Interior decoration

Interior decoration needs to above all reflect the personal preferences and taste of the owners. It must be functional, practical and create an overall comfortable, serene and harmonious atmosphere. This unique effect is achieved with the correct use of colours, materials, lighting and arrangement of decorative elements. The above mentioned is closely linked to the general mood of the space, therefore, we must carefully choose and combine them. All this is done with regards to the principles of proportion, lay out and free flow of energy.  No matter the architectural appearance and size, with the application of skillful interior decoration, each space can be transformed from a plain Cinderella to a wonderful princess.

Successful interior decoration should not merely copy modern trends, but also create a timeless and unique look that will maximally satisfy your aesthetic and functional needs within your budget.



  • selection of colour for paint or wallpaper, windows and doors
  • window treatment
  • ideas and decision on material for kitchen
  • selection and/or layout of furniture
  • flooring
  • selection of decor and art

Assistance with renovations/shopping:

  • specification of expenses and deadlines
  • hiring and coordination of workers
  • store recommendation and/or personal shopping assistance (furniture, paintings, decorative items, etc.)

Overall project management:

  • organization and overlooking of all work required for the completion of the agreed project  in the required deadlines, as well as quality control of the project, which takes significant stress off of the client

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