Home staging

Home staging is the most efficient and marketing proven tool to sell your home as fast as possible and at the highest price possible.

Each residential unit is unique in its architecture and details which need to be brought to attention. During the process of sales preparation, it is essentially important to combine the clearing of a living space, along with the determining of its best use. Once this is done, the space is equipped with furniture of the proper dimensions, lighting, colours and details which will refine the space and allow your potential buyers to view your house as their  future "home sweet home"!

Proper staging also includes the consideration of other important aspects, such as: the area in which the unit is located, the target market of buyers, the physical condition of the unit, the value of investment in renovations while taking into account the potential income, and the available time and budget.

For this reason, the space is viewed from a buyers perspective during the consultation, and in agreement with the Real Estate Agent and owners, a strategic plan is created. This plan is always the most cost-effective option that satisfies the sellers needs while allowing for a most profitable, quick sale. The first impression is crucial and proper staging preparation must be all-encompassing, from curb appeal to all of the interior spaces. In this way, a good impression is created which displays the owner's care of the whole property.

The best proof of the effectiveness of staging is seen in the statistics, as well as the experiences of owners and Real Estate Agents, who are now more often deciding  to include staging in their business offers.

Staging services:


  • observation of the entire property, consultation with the owners and Real Estate Agents about the desired effects
  • suggestions and agreement upon possible renovations (painting, carpet changes, etc.)
  • a staging plan, either as a verbal agreement or in written form
  • photographing of the space in order to create the plan and choose furniture, lighting and all other decorative details

Cleaning and organization of the home and yard:

  • detailed cleaning of all areas/spaces
  • arrangement for the removal of unnecessary objects
  • engagement of a landscaping company


  • rearranging of furniture and accessories that will put emphasis on the advantageous features and size of the space, allow for undisrupted movement through the space and help achieve the best impression for buyers, both in photographs and in person
  • in most cases, the staging process can be successfully completed within a day or two, depending on the size of the space and previous preparation


  • the hiring and coordination of professionals for all types of renovations according to needs and budget

Garage sale:

  • organization and realization of a garage sale before or after the property sale

Overall project management:

  • organization and overlooking of all work required for the completion of the agreed project  in the required deadlines, as well as quality control of the project, which takes significant stress off of the client

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